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Supermods On Demand

Instantly deployable microfrontends

Save hours of web development drudgery!
Write code only for your custom use-case and
use microfrontends for common features

Are You A Frontend Developer?

Supermods are your new superpower!

Develop full-stack functionality with only basic front-end coding knowledge.

Are You A Product Manager?

Supermods are your new supersavers!

Use Supermods to drastically shorten your timelines. For all standard functionality simply integrate Supermods. Invest in writing code only for custom use-cases.

Supermod Is A Building Block

Frontend component bundled with its backend functionality

An Independently Deployable
Microservice Bundled With
Its Frontend


Supermods Are Built On
Serverless & Auto-scalable Tech

Use Supermods For Standard Functionality In Your App

Code only for non-standard app-specific use-cases, otherwise simply integrate!

Reuse Your Supermods Configs Across Your Apps

Never work on the same supermod component again!

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