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Getting Started

Since you have reached this section, we can safely assume that you have understood the basic philosophy of Superflows and are ready to explore further.

Motivation - Can modular web design be achieved using just html, css and javascript? Theoretically the answer is a resounding yes! Web components rolling out in the HTML specification opened this door for us. The motivation of Superflows is constructing a foundation that enables developers to build modular, scalable and maintainable apps using html, css & javascript.

Design - Guilding principle for the design has always been to strike a balance between - (1) Delightfully simple developer experience and (2) Supporting most popular functionality. "Unless a clean & simple way to implement a new feature that doesn't complicate the life of the developer-user is figured out, it is not taken up for development." is the decision-making philosophy.

Development & Quality Control - Test driven development approach with a focus on maintaining 100 percent unit test code coverage for the main workflow is the methodology of working.


Superflows is designed as a collection of reusable micro-frontends libraries, called SuperMods. Every supermod has a defined purpose & function and can be thought of as a single plug and play unit. A supermod can also be thought of as an independently deployable module, that encapsulates the backend and the frontend functionality in a single building block. By integrating multiple supermods together, one can build good quality complex web applications, pretty quickly.

  • SfNav - This is the first powerful supermod, which you should know about. It provides the navigation functionality and enables you to develop a full-featured single page application (SPA) using just HTML, CSS, Javascript. Read More

  • SfUserAuth - This is the authentication supermod. Read More