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Superflows provides you plug and play, reusable and customizable micro-frontends, called as SuperMods, that you can use to supercharge your web project.

What is Superflows

Superflows is designed as a collection of reusable micro-frontends, called SuperMods. Every SuperMod has a defined purpose & function and can be thought of as a single plug and play unit. By integrating these SuperMods together, one can build good quality complex web applications, pretty quickly.

Why Superflows

  • No Backend Code - Cut down on your development effort, drudgery and team-size. Development using SuperMods does not require any backend coding. Using Superflows, even a single frontend developer can develop full-featured cloud-native applications.

  • Improved Quality - Use of SuperMods naturally makes your code modular and maintainable. Even junior developers would end up producing quality code output.


Superflows currently supports the following:

Frontend In Any Framework

The frontends of Supermods are designed as web components, so they are supported natively by browsers. They work with any frontend framework such as React, Angular, Vue, etc. or with no framework at all!

Backend On AWS


Currently, Superflows is a one-person-driving-everything project. If you wish to get in touch, please join the community.


Superflows does not have a dedicated support team right now. I, the creator will personally be responsible for all the support requests. To get in touch, please join the community. I hang there most of my working hours and would be happy to help. Please note that my working hours are according to the Indian Standard Time (GMT + 05:30). Please give me 24 hours on weekdays and 48 hours on weekends to reply back.

Project Status

Superflows is in its early days! The concept has been reasonably crystallized. Few initial modules have already been developed and published. I will keep updating this section as the project journeys ahead.


  • September 22 - Conceptualized
  • October 22 - Basic Navigation SuperMod (SfNav) Released
  • November 22 - SfNav: Tutorial & Improvements with Bug Fixes
  • December 22 1st half - SfNav: Support for navigation & routing
  • December 22 2nd half - Pivot: Decision to develop web components rather than react modules


  • January 23 - Rehashed SfNav as a web component
  • February 23 - Development of authentication supermod
  • March 23 - Deployment framework developed; Proof-of-concept deployment mechanism for the authentication supermod developed; Demoed to prospective users and their feedback obtained

How Superflows Started

This project is conceived, designed, developed and maintained by me, Hrushi M. So, the story of Superflows, is essentially my story. I am an entrepreneur at heart and a software engineer by training. Prior to Superflows, I co-founded a software consulting company and steered it as its CEO for 11 years.

In my 11 years of software consulting, I worked on a lot of cloud-native applications. Serverless backends really caught my attention. I began seeing a lot of problems & opportunities around serverless & web development with a disruptive potential. So much so that I exited from my consulting business and decided to work full-time on it. Thus began Superflows!

Serverless technologies have considerably matured in the last decade, opening new doors for technology innovations. Superflows is conceived as an application development framework for cloud-native applications using serverless technologies. I believe that Superflows will enable more developers to build better, good quality and scalable cloud-native applications.